Chemistry Paper 1 Physical AND Inorganic Chemistry Abhijeet Agarwal HANDWRITTEN NOTES

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Chemistry-Paper-1 (Physical & Inorganic Chemistry) -Handwritten notes by IAS topper Abh

Abhijeet Agarwal is the IAS Topper  of 2009 batch.Have done his graduation from IIT-Kanpur.His optional was Chemistry and Physics. His notes is what he had prepared during his preparation of IAS examination.

We have compiled it and made available for the aspirants having Chemistry as optional.

Following is the topics covered under Paper-1 . Beauty of the notes is that he has compiled and write the questions being  asked in IAS and IFoS examination.


Physical Chemistry:-

  • Chapter-1 Atomic Structure (1
  • Chapter-2 Chemical Bonding
  • Chapter-3 Solid State
  • Chapter-4  Gaseous State
  • Chapter-5 Liquid State
  • Chapter-5 Liquid State1
  • Chapter-6 Thermodynamics
  • Chapter-7 Phase Equilibria
  • Chapter-8 Electrochemistry
  • Chapter-9 Kinetics
  • Chapter-10 Photochemistry (1)
  • Chapter-11  Surface Phenomena & Catalysis

Inorganic Chemistry Contents :-

  • Chapter-12 Bio-inorganic Chemistry
  • Chapter-13(i) Coordination Chemistry
  • Chapter-13(ii) Coordination Chemistry
  • Chapter-13(iii) Coordination Chemistry
  • Chapter-13(iv) Coordination Chemistry
  • Chapter-14 Main Group Chemistry
  • Chapter-15 General Chemistry of f-block Elements


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