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Manual for Krash

Why Krash?

Towards the end of preparation, a student has lost the time to revise all the chapters from his /her class notes/standard text books. This is the reason why K-Notes is specifically intendec for Quick Revision and should not be considered as comprehensive study material. t’s very overwhelming for a student to even think aboutfinishing 300-400 questions per subje when the clock is ticking at the last moment. This is the reason why Kuestion serves the purpose of being the bare minimum set of questions to be solved from each chapter ouy revision


What is Krash?

Krash is a combination of K-Notes and Kuestion which effectively becomes a great tool for revision. A 50 page or less notebook for each subject which contains all concepts covered in GATE Curriculum in a concise manner to aid a student in final stages of his/her preparation. A set of 100 questions or less for each subject covering almost every type which has been previously asked in GATE. Along with the Solved examples to refer from, a student can try similar unsolved questions to improve his/her problem solving skills.


 What is Krash? When do I start using Krash?

It is highly recommended to use Krash in the last 2-3 months before GATE Exam.


How do I use Krash?

Once you finish the entire K-Notes for a particular subject, you should practice the respective Subject Test/ Mixed Question Bag containing questions from all the Chapters to make best use of it. Kuestion should be used as a tool to improve your speed and accuracy subject-wise. It should be treated as a supplement to our K-Notes and should be attempted once you are comfortable with the concepts and basic problem solving ability of the subject. You should refer K-Notes before solving any “Type” problem From Kuestion.


Volume-1- Signal & Sytem  , Control System ,Digital Electronics

Volume-2- Communication System,  EDC  , EMT

Volume-3- Network , Math, Analog Electronics

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